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GIS 014: Mini PCI-E express PC diagnostic post tester card

Posted by Mohd Khairun Nasir Saadi Wednesday, December 25, 2013 ,

ST8672 Mini PCI-E&mini PCI 2 bits diagnostic card for notebook

1. This NEW generation (Version 5.1) of Notebook POST CODE Testing Card supports three bus interfaces: MINI PCI, Mini PCI-E and LPC.
2. This card is easy to use for end users and it works with high stability. It is your ideal and useful tool for notebook repairing partner. It can diagnosis signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
3. LED displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang. This is used to display the Error-code and RST/CLK signals.
4. The Display portion is composed with two 7-segment LEDs. The two "Dots" of the LEDs are used to indicate the notebook "RST" and "CLK" status. The left side "Dot" is for "RST", and the right side "Dot" is for "CLK". When the notebook is in "Reset" status, the left side Dot" will be lighted. And when the notebook has a correct CLK output, the right side "Dot" will be lighted.

Note: Please be aware that Mini-PCI-E is supported with limitation model of notebook, and the pin orientation must follow to PIN1-3.3V, PIN2-LFRAME#, PIN3-LAD3, otherwise, it need to test with other port, such as LPC or mini-pci. However, it can work with most of notebooks...


          o 1X pc diagnostic post(debug) card
          o 1X erro code in english
          o 1 x user guide paper

Kod Item: GIS 014

Harga: RM55
Kos Penghantaran: RM5

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